The Research Institute on Social Development - RESIS is a multidisciplinary research organization whose basic mission is to advance the theoretical and practical knowledge about the processes of social change and social development.

Our work is focused on advancing the concept of social development that focuses on citizens, and in particular marginalized groups, in order to build a more equitable society that gives everyone equal opportunities for personal development. To this end, the institute works on:

Developing new knowledge about the processes in which organizations and individuals are mobilized to make change
Encouraging initiatives through which the citizens will be able to influence the organization of the state and the efficiency of the institutions
Promoting the key role of the media in the democracy, good governance and social development
Developing innovative methodologies for researching social change
Promoting the highest standards in the research practice of the sociology and other social sciences
Developing protocols for monitoring and evaluation of public policy effects


RESIS’ vision is to influence social change in the digital age by developing and applying new social science research methods.

RESIS was founded in 2017 as a result of the growing need for the conduct of cutting-edge social research in the country. The RESIS team is comprised of leading experts in the fields of sociology, media and communication, political science, economics, statistics and more.