Public institutions often are in need of professional assistance in policy impact assessment or in collecting data about the opinions, perceptions and behavior of citizens in different areas. RESIS can provide assistance for public institutions in different ways:

1. Policy impact assessment

RESIS works with a network of experts who can perform an assessment of the potential impact of new regulations for the needs of public institutions, in order to establish whether the planned results would be achieved with such regulations. The Regulatory Impact Assessment often cannot be performed without previously making a detailed study and without consulting stakeholders.

2. Researching opinions and perceptions

For the needs of public institutions, the RESIS team can independently plan and conduct a full research of the opinions and perceptions of citizens, public service users, employees and other publics.

3. Trainings for independent data collection

RESIS organizes individual and group trainings for public institution employees who are in need of knowledge and skills for data collection and analysis in various policy areas. The content and duration of the trainings is planned in accordance with the needs of the public institution.

Some of the topics that can be included in the trainings are the following:

  • Introduction to Policy Research
  • Planning Desk Research
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data
  • Document Analysis
  • Writing Research Reports and Policy Documents

Completed projects:

rez1Aassessment of the communication processes and outreach practices of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia

As part of the Project Supporting Macedonia’s Parliamentary Reform the RESIS Institute has completed a comprehensive Assessment of the communication processes and outreach practices of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. The overall Project, aiming to set the foundations for a long-term support to the Macedonian Assembly through providing an assessment of the available human resources, assistance in strategic planning and developing recommendations to improve financial oversight mechanism, transparency and accountability, was directed by The Westminster Foundation for Democracy with the support of the British Embassy in Skopje. The RESIS input, set the foundation for the future strategic public communications of the Assembly.




In order to achieve their objectives and perform their activities, public institutions need specific understanding of the field of communications. For that purpose, the RESIS team provides development of communication strategies and plans that correspond to the mission statement, objectives and obligations of the public institutions. The communication strategies can help public institutions to:

  • analyse and detect the weaknesses of their internal communication;
  • identify the weaknesses in the communication with their publics;
  • clearly determine the perceptions, opinions and expectations of their publics;
  • better define the messages and reach more efficiently their publics;
  • improve the efficiency of the communication tools that they use to reach the publics.


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