Info Systemic obstacles blocking media sector reforms - RESIS analysis
RESIS published a new analysis detecting the still existing structural obstacles to the development of media freedom in North Macedonia: the market is fragmented, most media outlets are financially weak and unsustainable, the working status of journalists is still insecure and unstable, the public broadcaster does not have financial stability, autonomy and independence, and the access of local communities and vulnerable groups to the public sphere is imperiled. In addition, since social networks are the main source of information for most of the population, especially younger groups, people are greatly exposed to disinformation and hate speech.
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Info RESIS and WFD have started the third phase of the implementation of the SAO Communication Strategy
RESIS Institute and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) continue with the implementation of the Communication Strategy 2020 - 2023 of the State Audit Office, whose main goal is to support the SAO Development Strategy 2018 – 2022, to open new channels of communication with the general public, media and civil society organizations, as well as to strengthen the impact of audit reports in terms of transparency and accountability of the state institutions.
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Info Over 50 civil society organizations - vulnerable groups advocates, established the Network of Audience Councils
The Network of Audience Councils, aims to encourage civil society organizations to act in a consolidated and a coordinated fashion to advance the communication rights vulnerable groups in the mediatised public sphere, ensuring their access to the media policy making processes and guaranteeing their adequate representation in the media.
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Info RESIS provided support to ECNL in developing the Eastern Partnership CSO Meter comparison model
In the course of October and November 2020 the RESIS Institute provided methodological support to the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law for assessing and comparing civil society environments in the Eastern Partnership countries.
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RESIS is a multidisciplinary research organization whose primary purpose is to advance the theoretical and practical knowledge of the problems of social change and public policy analysis.
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RESIS establishes strategic links and partnerships with NGOs, higher education institutions and research institutes.
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