Ljubinka Popovska-Tosheva

Expert in Statistics
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Ljubinka Popovska-Tosheva has eighteen years of professional experience in the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia (1985-2003) working as an IT programmer (for five years) and as Head of the Department for Methodologies and Statistical Standards. She took active part in the development and transformation of the Republic Statistical Office into a national and independent statistical institution, in accordance with international and European standards and requirements. Throughout her professional experience, she has worked on designing and conducting a number of surveys, both for the needs of the State Statistical Office and for several international organizations (UNDP, World Bank) and private clients.

She has many years of professional background in: defining statistical methodologies, designing structured questionnaires, sample design and processing, defining rules for processing, assessment of parameters and sampling errors, handling and calculation of non-sampling errors, statistical data analysis, statistical meta-data, classifications, etc. For the past ten years she has dealt with ways to define, calculate, interpret and use statistical indicators as indicators for: sustainable development, employment, unemployment, inactivity, social inclusion, human development, poverty, etc.