Non-government organizations often need to conduct their own research so they can accomplish their goals more effectively. RESIS can provide research support for NGOs in various ways:

  1. Conducting full research for the needs of NGOs
    The RESIS team can independently plan and conduct a full research, which the NGO members may use afterwards in their activities.
  2. Research mentorship
    In situations when NGOs conduct research independently, however they need counselling and expert assistance, the RESIS team can provide mentorship in the process of researching, assistance with design development, research instrument development, collecting and analysing data and assistance with writing the research report.
  3. Research training
    RESIS organizes individual or group training courses for NGO members who wish to have more in-depth knowledge of the research process and wish to become apt in independent planning and conducting smaller scale research activities. The content and duration of the trainings are determined in accordance with previously collected information and the needs of the NGO members.

Below are some of the topics that may be covered in the trainings:

  • Introduction of Policy Research and Advocacy Research
  • Research Plan
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Survey
  • Quantitative Data Processing and Analysis
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • In-depth Interview and Focus Groups
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Writing Research Reports
  • Presenting Research Results