The field of Evaluation Research is focused on estimating the impact of different programmes or projects, the objective of which is to achieve change or development in some area of society. For this purpose, RESIS develops evaluation research activities that correspond to the structure and dynamic of the social system in which the development programme is implemented.

The evaluation research conducted by RESIS has several key characteristics:

  • flexibility and open-mindedness to a variability of the contexts in which a development programme or project may be implemented;
  • implementing multi-method research strategies, in order to collect various data and to reflect the manifold causal links in social reality;
  • involving as many members of the system as possible in the evaluation design, so that the evaluation research itself may become a part of the development programme;
  • monitoring the changes in behavioural patterns over time and the appearance of new behavioural patterns;
  • incorporating micro and macro schemas and structures.